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Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

The negligence of another individual can result in severe and lasting harm. The resultant physical distress and disability can lead to a loss of income, substantial medical costs, decreased work productivity, and the need for numerous appointments to receive treatment and recover. Additionally, there may be genuine concerns and anxieties regarding one’s future. The emotional, financial, and personal toll on the entire family is significant. They may notice changes in your demeanor and mood following the injury. It is imperative that you assert your legal entitlement to compensation without delay.

Colorado Auto Accidents Lawyer

Assured motorists can evade catastrophic collisions and safeguard themselves and their dear ones. Although automobile producers persist in enhancing vehicle safety, it is crucial to acknowledge that individuals remain susceptible. Despite the existence of reckless, negligent, and inattentive motorists on the thoroughfare, we can adopt measures to ensure our safety. Although insurance companies may appear amiable and amusing, we recognize their authentic aspirations. As accomplished attorneys, we possess the conviction to convince insurance companies and juries to grant our clients the complete remuneration they are entitled to.

Colorado Wrongful Death Lawyer

The ultimate loss of a loved one causes pain that never goes away. Colorado’s complicated laws can make your grief and financial losses worse, not better. Your family needs expert advice to navigate through the rocky times and difficult circumstances caused by the sudden and tragic loss of a mom, dad or child. Insurance representatives act like they are sympathetic and generous. Don’t be fooled. They want to close their file at the lowest cost to the company, before you reach out to an experienced lawyer. What can we do to help? We hold the negligent party to account and make them pay.

Colorado Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Professional carelessness is a breach of trust, often with severe consequences. Doctors rarely admit it when their mistakes cause harmful results. Often, the patient is confused, misled, ignored and advised to simply accept a terrible outcome. If you realize that a major error resulted in permanent and serious injuries, you need an honest lawyer to review your records with medical experts. Only then can you make rational decisions about making a claim for professional negligence.

Colorado Family Law Lawyer

Divorce and custody matters can be overwhelming and frustrating. Colorado’s divorce and custody laws are complex and constantly changing. Your best friend’s experience may be totally different than the one you will face. Your obligations to the judge and the other lawyer can be very difficult, especially while you struggle with financial challenges and keeping the kids from taking the burden. We give our best effort to protect children from unnecessary harm, and guide you through tough times.

Colorado Criminal Law Lawyer

Families can be surprised and humbled by a criminal accusation. Going through it alone may be risky and bring unwanted and unfair results. Get expert advice before your court date. Prosecutors work hard to get convictions, at your expense. They rarely consider that law enforcement officers made a mistake, violated your rights or unlawfully obtained evidence. Only a lawyer who challenges the District Attorney and judges and knows how to interpret complex criminal laws can guide you through a difficult case. A jury trial is a precious and unique constitutional right. In some cases, your best chance for justice is to ask a jury of your community neighbors to decide the outcome. We stand ready to go to trial.

Colorado DUI, DWI and Traffic Law

Our office has handled numerous cases defending folks accused of serious traffic charges. Kevin is one of the best DUI lawyers in and around Denver, Colorado.


You can save driving privileges, points and your personal dignity with an experienced lawyer on your side. Our Colorado lawmakers seem to change DUI laws every time they start a new session. They like to tell voters how tough they are on “drunk drivers.” The prosecutors want to frighten you and push you to plead guilty before you even have a chance to get legal advice. The consequences of “getting it over” are too serious under Colorado’s harsh system. You have two cases at once: DMV and Court. You need a sharp lawyer to stand up for your rights.


We also have experience with defending DUI cases involving marijuana.

Colorado Premise Liability Lawyer

Dangerous conditions are often hidden from plain view, causing serious and painful injuries. Colorado law favors the landowner, so be sure to look for solid legal guidance for your claims. When you slip and fall, or get injuries from dangerous conditions you didn’t see, the property owner and insurance company will blame you, rather than admit they made mistakes. Use your cell phone and take pictures, if you can, because they will try to get rid of the evidence in an effort to obstruct your case. Talk to a good lawyer at your earliest opportunity, so you can understand your options.

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